Your most precious memories
stored for decades.

10,000 memories.
20 years.
Peace of mind.

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Built for Decades

Similar to how trust funds work, we're setting up two things to ensure your storage for decades:

  1. We're setting up a legal trust that's funded with operating costs for decades.
  2. We're launching as a B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) that will allow for us to have legal bylaws that require us to follow through on our promise to you.

Built with Integrity

You should be in control of your data. Your data shouldn't be resold to the highest bidder. We're launching as a B-Corp (Benefit Corporation), this will allow for us to set legally binding bylaws to protect your data. This is fundamentally different than every social network before today.

Backups of the Backups

We're using multiple redundant globally distributed locations to ensure we always have backups of backups for your memories.

Built for Security

We'll be handling one of your most precious assets, security is essential. We're using bank level encryption + highly secure technology to secure your memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "memory"? How do you count 10,000 of them?

We call any photo, video, text, song, voicemail a memory. 10,000 files or 100GB of storage, whichever comes first.

What if I change my mind or you miss your launch date?

You'll get your money back in either situation.

What if I lose the gift card you mail me?

No worries, it'll be tied to the email address you sign up with. Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

What if Persona goes out of business? What happens to my memories?

They'll continue to be stored & accessible. Your memories will be managed by the trust fund, regardless if Persona goes out of business. The trust fund is immune to creditors. The trust fund will have enough funds to cover all costs for the entirety of the plan you purchase.

Is the price one-time or yearly?

This is a one-time price of $59. You'll get 10,000 memories (files) or 100 GB (whichever comes first) for the price you pay. If you want another 10,000 memories stored, that would be an additional payment of $59.

I have other questions?

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