Chad Wittman
Chad Wittman
CEO & Co-Founder of Persona. 3 min read

What is Persona?

Persona app screens of Collect
Screenshots of the iOS Persona app

A precious space for your family memories.

Persona is part social network, part digital scrapbook. There are 3 things that we empower you to do:

  1. Collect precious memory details & moments from your family.
  2. Curate the memories you've captured.
  3. Relive the big & little moments of your family's lives.

In the future we will have our precious memories at our fingertips: whenever we need them, wherever we are, stored securely forever. We'll share these memories with the people closest to us and keep these precious memories within a quick reach. We'll take a few minutes here and there to reminisce. Go back in time. Relive our family's love. Our children's laughter, our spouse's wedding day smile, our Dad's "it'll be okay". It will all be there, in one spot: deep and meaningful.

Persona is building this vision of the future. It's , why are we still scrolling them tiles of photos & videos to relive + share our most precious memories? Why are we swiping through old photos on Facebook to tell our stories? We believe that the future will hold entirely new ways of fully interacting with our most precious memories: the future is here.

Want to help us build this future? Work with us! (We're fully remote & looking for exceptional talent).

Persona Logo   Persona is a precious space for family memories.