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Stories That Inspire: Brittany Gidley

Brittany Gidley photography

It's not about the images Brittany told us, it's about helping create some of a child's very first memories. Being Cleveland's best newborn and maternity photographer doesn't come with just a few simple sessions capturing what you can. Brittany builds magical experiences and captures them in beautiful detail with her camera.

Scrolling through Brittany Gidley's images, it's clear that she does more than line up the perfect lighting to catch the perfect shot. She transforms visions into reality to preserve memories that last a lifetime and beyond.

Bringing childhood dreams to life by creating a fun, interactive, and everlasting experience for all newborns, children and families in the Cleveland area - and around the globe - is her passion! Curating and creating some of the very first memories that parents will hold of their newborn keeps Brittany inspired.

Growing up with very limited income and life experiences, Brittany is motivated to continue creating over the top, extraordinary experiences for her clients. Promising to pour her heart, soul, time and talent into each session to give them the very best!

Brittany Gidley newborn photography

A simple peak at her portfolio reveals newborn sessions capturing the oxytocin love bond between a mother and her new baby, a service member father swaddling his delicate new little one in his arms, and so much more.

From releasing a handful of butterflies, having a tea party with Daddy, to meeting a magnificent unicorn(!) - what Brittany does is so much more than just taking photos. These extraordinary experiences extend beyond just for her clients - they're for her as well. Brittany said “there are few things better than knowing I was part of somebody's very first magical memory."

When it came to choosing her career path, she knew that working with babies would be a dream come true, so she did just that! She went to college and became a NICU nurse. Nearly five years into her career in the NICU is when she got a camera into her hands - and, as she said “WOWWWWWW!"

Brittany believed in her wonderful skills as a NICU nurse. Having the privilege to watch babies grow and graduate and continue with their lives. What she didn't realize until photography came into her world, was that she had skills to do the incredible honor of watching babies grow over their lifetime. Transforming into tiny silly toddlers, chubby children, and the most fabulous, playful adults on the planet. The relationship of getting to know the sweet little ones on a deeper level and be a small part of their lives is what set photography ahead to win out as her one true love.

Brittany is proud to run a nationally published, award-winning business. But what inspires her most in her life? Being a Child of God. That shapes her world and inspires her most above any earthly recognition. The Lord is her first and primary inspiration. Through Him she has the unconditional love and support it takes to put her talents into the world.

By trusting in the plan that He wrote for her life, long before picking up a camera was in her wildest dream, Brittany feels empowered to take chances both artistically and in business. She trusts that His perfect plan and timing are the best for her life and uses that as a launching pad to continue to be inspired and capture those magical moments.


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