Chad Wittman
Chad Wittman
CEO & Co-Founder of Persona. 2 min read

Persona's Commitment

Person holding futuristic heart made of data

We're building Persona differently. We're starting by establishing ourselves as a Benefit Corporation (currently in progress). A Benefit Corporation is a new legal structure that allows us to define legally binding bylaws that will protect the long term thinking required to build something special. The big tech providers can't offer this. They will always beholden to maximizing shareholder value by hitting their quarterly numbers and selling their users' data.

We won't sell your data

Social networks were originally built to connect people. Not to mine their data and sell it to the highest bidder.

We commit to you to never sell your data.

Zero political ads

You'll never see political ads in Persona. We'll be working diligently every single day to make sure our network is focused on family & love, not politics & memes.

We commit to you to never show you political ads.

Persona Logo   Persona is a precious space for family memories.